Here's something we don't get every day -- creepy cosplay! This cosplay of the eerie weeping angels from 'Doctor Who' is something you'll definitely want to keep your eyes open for.

For the newbies, the weeping angels on 'Doctor Who' are a race of beings that look like stone angels, but as soon as you blink, turn your back, or the lights go out, they turn into monsters who want to kill you and consume your life energy. Their strength is that you can never see them in their true form because if they are seen, they will turn to stone. Creepy, right?

The angels have been featured on a few of the best episodes of the British series, and it seems like it might be a difficult cosplay concept to pull off -- not so for Katie and her friend Katrina, two artsy and very creative ladies who love to dress up in costumes.

Katie and Katrina spent weeks working on their weeping angels costumes, as documented in full on Katie's blog, and that time and effort really paid off in the end because these costumes are incredible. We love the photos, especially the one with a 'Doctor Who' cosplayer and the one with the girls giving each other a fist-bump as angels.

For more, head over to Katie or Katrina's DeviantArt pages.

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