The wheel of movie-TV reboots remains forever in turn, but The CW’s take on time-twisting cop drama Frequency will have at least one familiar face for CW fans. Flash and Tomorrow People alum Peyton List will lead the new take from Supernatural boss Jeremy Carver.

This time taking place across a 20-year divide between 1996 and 2016, The CW’s Frequency reboot will see List as 2016 detective Raimy (via Deadline), who discovers an ability to speak to her estranged father Frank Sullivan (Riley Smith) over a ham radio before his death in 1996. The past Frank has been undercover for two years, the strain of his assignment tearing his family apart, as an unsolved case between the two timelines offers a new chance to mend their relationship.

Divergent series star Mekhi Phifer also stars as Lt. Satch DeLeon, ostensibly the past Andre Braugher role from the original Toby Emmerich film. That version saw Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel as the father and child pairing, albeit separated thirty years between 1999 and 1969, with Quaid’s character a firefighter to Caviezel’s detective..

Time will tell (get it?) if the new Frequency holds up as well as the film, but good on Peyton List for sticking with The CW. Watch the original Frequency trailer below.