Jon Stewart’s final Daily Show inches closer and closer, and the revered host isn’t going to go quietly. President Barack Obama himself will make a seventh appearance guesting on the program, his “final interview” before Jon Stewart signs off the Comedy Central airwaves.

Obama will appear on the July 21 installment, where Stewart will bid farewell to the Daily Show gig on August 6, before Trevor Noah takes over this fall. His seventh appearance (third as a sitting President), Barack Obama previously sat opposite Stewart for interviews in November 2005, August 2007, April and October 2008, October 2010, and October 2012.

For the moment, we know relatively little of Stewart’s final Daily Shows, though it came to light that Amy Schumer, Louis C.K., Amy Poehler and Chris Rock all had the opportunity to step up as host before Trevor Noah was selected. Lewis Black will also remain as an occasional contributor after Noah takes over on September 28.

No doubt Stewart and Obama will have plenty to laugh over (cough, Donald Trump), but will the President’s appearance herald the beginning of Stewart’s royal sendoff?

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