'The Dark Knight Rises' doesn't have any trailers left (we think?...) but there's still room for some marketing wow from the 'Dark Knight Rises' marketing team at Warner Bros. courtesy of this impressive and creative new billboard.

Spotted by Slashfilm on Sunset and La Brea in Hollywood, the billboard is not flat art painted to look 3D, that's actually sculpted and extruding from the flat surface in the shape of the bat logo.

Right now, it looks as if it's location specific to Los Angeles (judging by the labor involved to get this one up) but thankfully we can all get a good look at this. It's nice to see some marketing art for the film that's not reusing one of the film's posters (especially this one).

'The Dark Knight Rises' opens on July 20th and, unlike this billboard, will not be coming at you in 3D (but contains more than an hour of footage shot with the IMAX cameras).  Check out the 'Dark Knight Rises' billboard above and head to Slashfilm to see it hi-res.