'The Dark Knight Rises' trailer is nominated in the ScreenCrush Awards as one of the Best Trailers of 2012. But what if you thought that 'Dark Knight Rises' trailer didn't have enough LEGO pieces in it? Well, you're in luck because someone spent a lot of time recreating the entire trailer using LEGO and now you can watch it.

YouTube user ParanickFilmz spent the past few months working on his LEGO recreation of the 'Dark Knight Rises' trailer and now it's finally here for you. Now obviously there are no official 'Dark Knight Rises' LEGO figures, which meant he had to go and custom paint a whole bunch of figures, as well as building the sets and vehicles and adding in FX explosions and already my head is spinning.

But luckily we have guys like ParanickFilmz to do this hard work for us.

You can watch the fruits of his labor below and if you don't believe us how perfectly this matches up with the real trailer, check out this side-by-side comparison here.

Check out the 'Dark Knight Rises' LEGO trailer below.