Looking for Easy Mode? Look elsewhere. And here, deal with these hordes of enemies on your way out. The E3 trailer for Dark Souls 2 has been released. And with From Software Inc. boasting a game twice the size of the previous Dark Souls title, we expect to die twice as much.

Starting off with an eerie, Yamaoka-like melody and booming off into a higher tempo with a chorus of "again and again, I come back," the music sets the tone for this game and its trailer.

You will explore, you will die, you will return, and you will like it, because it's catchy! With Dark Soul's kill count rivaling the Bubonic plague, new challengers, optional bosses that do not attack until provoked, and all sorts of malicious monstrosities will try to beat the previous game's hi-score in this relentless sequel.

The coroner will be putting in overtime when Dark Souls 2 arrives on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC sometime in Q1 2014.