It was a twist so strange it wouldn’t feel out of place in a David Lynch movie. Yesterday President Donald Trump retweeted a quote from Lynch that had been excerpted from a longer article by The Guardian claiming he “could go down as one of the greatest presidents in history.” (The full quote, in context, was far less complimentary.) The out-of-context version wound up on Breitbart, and then in Trump’s Twitter feed. Which brings us to now.

After Lynch’s comments (technically a brief snippet of his comments) made its way all over the internet, Lynch responded with an open letter to Trump on his Facebook page, where he says he wishes he could sit down and talk with the President, and warns that if he continues causing “causing suffering and division” he will not go down as a great president:

And so now we all sit, waiting the inevitable response from the President about how Inland Empire looked ugly and cheap and how he always thought Mulholland Drive was overrated. Sad! I was really hoping Trump was going to watch Twin Peaks: The Return this weekend at Mar-a-Lago and live-tweet the whole thing.

Here’s my favorite response to all of this:

Point: Anonymous internet commenter.

Well, President Trump has now officially lost the all-important David Lynch endorsement. Now Lynch will never get to do transcendental meditation in the White House, which is a bummer, because I was counting on that being the subject of his next movie. Maybe someone will ask Friedberg and Seltzer what they think of Donald Trump, and we can start this whole cycle over again from scratch.

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