Need that hunger for the zombie apocalypse satiated? Then take a look at the brand new video for Dead Rising 3 and see how the team at Capcom has evolved the ways you can survive against the undead.

This video features producer Mike Jones, art director Alan Jarvie and executive producer/creative lead Josh Bridge speaking about the changes made to Dead Rising 3.

The world in Dead Rising 3 is bigger than ever before, dwarfing the last two games combined. This means that it's even more open to exploration and is a true zombie apocalypse sandbox. Though it's bigger, that won't mean that the game will be slower. We've been promised a streamlined experience with zero load times and smooth gameplay throughout the adventure.

Zombies are also smarter and more varied now. The undead will remember bits of their former lives and act accordingly. This means that police zombies can use their guns, football player zombies will try to tackle you and prisoner zombies will swarm you en masse in their orange jumpsuits.

The way you take down the hordes of the undead have also evolved, this time integrating the features of the Xbox One, like the Kinect. You'll be able to yell at zombies in order to get their attention, shoot flares to use the real-time lighting to distract the zeds and, of course, craft a great number of traps and outlandish weapons to destroy your reanimated foes.

Check out the video above and let us know your thoughts on the changes in the game. Dead Rising 3 will be released later this year on the Xbox One