Demi Moore's once-busy Twitter account, which has been silent for more than three months, saw signs of life again on Sunday night when the actress tweeted a photo of herself -- albeit a far different one than the bikini self-portraits for which she was once so famous.

Despite her impending divorce from Ashton Kutcher, Moore, who can been seen opposite Miley Cyrus in next month's 'LOL', is still tweeting under the name of @MrsKutcher. Back in December, a fan asked if she'd be changing it, and Demi responded, "It isn’t a top priority right now” -- and given the fact that she just wrapped up a stint in rehab, it seems she still has more important things to worry about.

In the photo linked from within the post, a fully-clothed Moore reclines on a bed, holding a camera (or her phone) over her bespectacled face. The shot is certainly a departure from the previous norm -- in happier times, Demi was known for posting revealing shots of herself in various states of undress.

With the exception of a stray paparazzi photo here and there, Moore has kept a low public profile since being hospitalized in late January following what many have described as a drug overdose (or at least an adverse reaction to an unknown substance) at her Los Angeles home that made her friends call 911 after the actress began convulsing uncontrollably.