Demi Moore

NBC Staging 'A Few Good Men' Live
The mere mention of 'A Few Good Men' instantaneously elicits everyone's "you can't handle the truth" impression, but few remember that writer Aaron Sorkin original staged the show on Broadway before the famous Tom Cruise-Jack Nicholson film. Now, NBC looks to follow up …
See the Cast of ‘Now and Then’ Then and Now
Released in 1995, 'Now and Then' featured a cast of rising child stars as four friends coming of age in the 1970s, dealing with divorce, death and becoming young women, who reunite later in life to reflect on how far they've come. Bolstered by the star power of more established actresses, like Demi …
See the Cast of 'Ghost' Then and Now
Released in 1990, 'Ghost' starred Patrick Swayze as Sam Wheat, a man who dies as a result of a mugging gone awry, but his love for his fiance allows him to remain on Earth as a ghost. With the help of a psychic, Sam tries to avenge his death and reconnect with his fiance to resolve lingering issues …
Demi Moore to Tell All to Oprah Winfrey?
As Demi Moore deals with the fallout of her messy marriage to Ashton Kutcher and a recent stint in rehab, it seems she has at least one very powerful friend on whom she's come to rely: Oprah Winfrey.
Demi Moore Returns to Twitter
Demi Moore's once-busy Twitter account, which has been silent for more than three months, saw signs of life again on Sunday night when the actress tweeted a photo of herself -- albeit a far different one than the bikini self-portraits for which she was once so famous.