As Demi Moore deals with the fallout of her messy marriage to Ashton Kutcher and a recent stint in rehab, it seems she has at least one very powerful friend on whom she's come to rely: Oprah Winfrey.

That's if you believe a report in Star magazine, of course.

An insider told the tabloid, "Demi needs a strong mentor, so she reached out to Oprah a few days after leaving rehab [and] they’ve been in touch ever since ... They’re always on the phone, chatting about everything from love-life woes to religion to their careers."

But Oprah isn't just helping Moore with her alleged substance-abuse problem -- she's also helping the actress heal her broken heart. "Demi never forgot that Jennifer Aniston told her Oprah was a godsend in helping her after she divorced Brad Pitt," the source said.

The media mogul has a notoriously big heart, but in addition to the good karma she's earning from being a stalwart friend, there may be something else in it for her.

"Demi promises that when she’s ready, she will give Oprah her first post rehab, post-divorce interview," the source says.

After months of keeping a low profile, the actress recently started tweeting again and even put in an appearance at the launch party for her Lifetime series, 'The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet,' where she looked stronger and healthier than she has in a long time. So whatever she's doing -- with or without Oprah's help -- it's obviously working.

One place Moore likely won't be seen anytime soon is at a splashy premiere for the film 'LOL.' The movie - in which Demi co-stars with Miley Cyrus - is apparently being treated like a loud, drunken aunt at a wedding and hidden away where it can bring shame upon no one.

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