No, that wasn't a typo and we are - like - totally not laughing. 'LOL,' starring Miley Cyrus and Demi Moore, has been completed for a few years now, so what has taken Lionsgate so long to release it? And why are they giving it the ol' quiet shove into 100 theaters, sans marketing, on May 4?

The LA Times Blog reports that the studio just couldn't find a good time to release the film, and with the hugeness of 'The Hunger Games,' the film was once again postponed. The studio also became worried about marketing the film, which stars Miley Cyrus as Lola in a film that interweaves several stories of teenage dating in the modern technological landscape, hence the shorthand title.

Lisa Azuelos, who directed both this film and the original French version, speaks of her film's realism and criticizes other teen fare, saying "Usually teen movies are tender or scary or have vampires in them, but they’re never realistic. This story isn’t too dirty and not too stupid."

So why didn't the film just go direct to DVD? According to a stipulation in the contract with Mandate's foreign distributors, the film had to be shown in at least 100 theaters domestically.

'LOL' will now see a quiet release on May 4 with no promotional support from the studio. The only person who gets hurt here is Azuelos, who was committed to sharing a story she believes to be "universal" with English-speaking audiences.

Miley Cyrus is obviously not hurting, as the LA Times Blog and sometimes Miley Cyrus Twitter stalker contingent notes that the young singer and actress has been "spending her time obsessively watching the television show 'Prison Break,' eating walnuts, and walking her dog." OMG, can you believe she watches 'Prison Break?' You guys, we are ROFL.