It looks like the Wii U was just dealt another blow from a third-party publisher, as Square Enix has announced Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut will also be coming to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, and Mac.

Though the original Deus Ex: Human Revolution was available on all the aforementioned platforms, it never made it to the Wii or Wii U. The Director's Cut was introduced as a Wii U exclusive, complete with all the original DLC, plus added functionality for the GamePad. While the Wii U will still retain the extra features designed around the unique tablet controller, losing out on the exclusivity of the Director's Cut doesn't bode well for Nintendo.

"After our Director's Cut announcement we received an overwhelming response from the community asking us to bring this ultimate edition of Human Revolution to other platforms," said Stéphane D'Astous, General Manager of Eidos-Montréal. "We're thrilled to accommodate that request. We can now say with pleasure, 'You asked for this!'"

This isn't the first time fan demand has led to the Wii U seeing a promising third-party title snapped away, as a similar situation happened with Rayman Legends. Originally announced as a Wii U exclusive, Ubisoft changed its mind, and decided to bring the platformer to all consoles, and at the expense of a major delay to the Wii U version to boot.

Though many of you have probably already played through the original version, are you now planning on giving Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut a go now that it's available on more devices?