Without giving too much away, last night's 'Dexter' season 7 finale "Surprise, Motherf---er" saw several bodies hitting the floor, including characters that have been with the series since the very beginning. Others were positioned to exit the story in still-living capacity, but has 'Dexter' star David Zayas' upcoming role on FOX's 'The Following' given us an early spoiler on 'Dexter' season 8? Find out the who Zayas will play and whether he'll be back for 'Dexter' inside!'

'Dexter' star David Zayas may have a prolific career, but don't expect to have seen the last of Angel Batista just yet. The character was positioned to retire from police-work in 'Dexter's season 7 finale "Surprise, Motherf---er,' but those plans will likely be put on hold once the murder of  - SPOILER ALERT - friend, colleague, and ex-wife Maria LaGuerta comes to light. In particular, show-runner Scott Buck has clarified that Zayas will once again be a series regular next season, without saying how.

While we wait for the new, potentially final season of 'Dexter' however, Zayas has booked a role on FOX's upcoming serial killer drama 'The Following,' according to The Hollywood Reporter. The series follows serial killer / Edgar Allan Poe scholar Joe Carroll (James Purefoy), and stars Kevin Bacon as an FBI agent on the case to recapture the killer and his army of followers.

Appearing in the show's tenth episode, Zayas will take the role of Tyson, a former FBI agent and god friend to Bacon's character Ryan Hardy, who ultimately becomes involved in the case. 'The Following' premieres on Monday, January 21.

What say you? Are you excited for 'The Following,' even if Zayas role will precede his return to 'Dexter?' Give us your take in the comments!

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