Joe Swanberg has gone from prolific director of divisive mumblecore indies to director of more widely-seen and loved indie features, like Drinking Buddies — although Swanberg has been making films for over a decade, Drinking Buddies was his mainstream breakout. Or as mainstream as indies can get, anyway. As you can see in the trailer for his latest, his appeal is only growing.

Whew. Those are some really great names, all of whom will attract a larger audience than Swanberg's earlier films. But the writer / director doesn't appear to have lost those earlier sensibilities, and like some of his previous work, Digging for Fire explores the complexities of adult relationships and regressive behavior. The trailer isn't uproariously funny, but it's got a certain mature-yet-contemporary sense of humor about it. Plus who doesn't want to watch all these amazingly talented people hang out with each other for 90 minutes? Sounds great to me.

Digging for Fire hits theaters on August 21.