The stealth-action game, Dishonored, allowed players to be as cat-like or panther-like as they wanted while completing objectives and carrying out a plan of revenge. If you've missed out on it, you'll be able to pick up the Game of the Year edition soon.

Bethesda announced that it will be releasing Arkane Studios' Dishonored in a GOTY Edition, packed with all of the content that's been released for the stealth title. The GOTY Edition will include the Knife of Dunwall, Brigmore Witches, Dunwall City Trial and Void Walker's Arsenal downloadable content packs.

The first two packs feature the story of Daud, the assassin who killed the Empress and framed it on our hero, Corvo. The Dunwall City Trials will test your skills through 10 maps that span the whole of Dunwall City. And the Void Walker's Arsenal will equip you with character bonuses, more whale bone charm slots and other extras that were previously pre-order exclusives.

You'll be able to get your hands on all of this supernatural stealth goodness when it's released in North America on Oct. 8 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC for the sum of $39.99.