The question of whether or not Disney Infinity would sell well have been answered, at least for the short term. After just two weeks on sale, Disney is very happy with the results.

According to Games Industry, Disney Infinity was the third-highest selling title of August in the U.S. Though the sales numbers weren't clear at first, Disney Interactive told the site just how well the game performed.

"Disney Infinity sales are off to a strong start, selling 294,000 starter pack units in the US during the last two weeks of August," a spokesperson told GI. "We're very pleased with the launch in both the U.S. and globally, and believe Disney Infinity is well-positioned for the critical holiday sales season.

Those sales numbers are just for the game itself, and don't show how well the additional figures, playsets or Power Discs have sold, meaning Disney may be well on its way to recouping the purported $100 million budget on its new franchise.