If you weren't already having a good time with Disney Infinity, you might now that there are a bunch of new Toy Boxes coming for free for you to play around in.

Disney released a new video showcasing four Toy Boxes coming to all platforms via DLC for free this week. Chief among the additions is a Disney-fied version of BioShock Infinite's Colombia, complete with skylines, multiple islands and a few Disney surprises thrown in for extra measure.

The remaining three Toy Box arenas are all interesting, too, but they aren't based on any particular property per se. Blue Breakout is a maze of sorts you must defeat to escape and uncover the surprises on the outside. Sky Gauntlet is a Ninja Warrior-esque platforming stage, and should be a nice challenge all comers. Trench Run is the final new Toy Box, and with it comes a Recognizer from Tron. You can use any vehicle you want to traverse the trench, but why would you not use something from the greatest movie of all time?

Check out the video, and be sure to download this free content to keep your copy of Disney Infinity fresh.