Anyone who's been to San Diego Comic-Con in recent years knows that the 'Doctor Who' panel can be something of a madhouse, particularly as this past year showed off snippets of the 50th anniversary special between (former) series stars Matt Smith and David Tennant. Well, we've got good news and bad, as it seems fans at Comic-Con 2014 won't have to worry about lining up for a panel.

According to SDCC Blog, BBC reps have confirmed that 'Doctor Who' won't hold its own panel at Comic-Con 2014, meaning that fans will have to make use of other opportunities to get to know Peter Capaldi's 12th Doctor. The show similarly ducked out in 2010, the year that would have introduced Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor, but has since been a Sunday staple of Hall H.

If nothing else, we can at least expect a 'Doctor Who' booth for the floor, and a number of fan-organized events as well, though it seems stars Peter Capaldi and Jenna-Louise Coleman will focus on the global tour to promote series 8, the first US stop of which lands in New York on August 14.

Elsewhere, we’ve see Peter Capaldi’s new costume, and even heard rumblings that Matt Smith could make a special appearance in the premiere. Samuel Anderson will guest as mysterious new companion Danny Pink, while Keeley Hawes will portray the villainous Ms. Delphox, in episode written by ‘Sherlock”s Steve Thompson and directed by Douglass Mackinnon. Ben Miller will portray yet another villain, and Hermione Norris has also been given a mysterious role.

Sad news, but what say you? Are you disappointed in the lack of a Comic-Con 'Doctor Who' panel this year, or will the global tour more than make up for it? Check out the recent teaser for series 8 below, and give us your new 'Doctor Who' predictions in the comments!

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