The long wait for Doctor Who Season 10 somewhat abated by the recent minisode introducing Pearl Mackie as Peter Capaldi’s new companion “Bill,” but hers won’t be the other notable Doctor Who face returning for Season 10 in 2017. Yes, The Master Missy will return for another round of menace, as confirmed by Michelle Gomez herself.

Having made her first appearance toward the end of Series 8, Doctor Who star Michelle Gomez confirmed that Missy would be back for another round of mischief in 2017, saying as much at Orlando’s MegaCon over the weekend. We last saw the character in Season 9's “The Witch’s Familiar,” given an ambiguous end surrounded by Daleks, as she remarked that she’d had an idea. Might that be connected to the Daleks we saw chasing Twelve and Bill? Time will tell.

As to the next run itself, Capaldi himself has only officially signed through the coming tenth season, despite having been asked to return after Steven Moffat’s last season in spring 2017. Following Moffat’s exit, Chris Chibnall will sub in as the new head writer and executive producer, to begin after Season 10.

We’ll at least have a Christmas special to look forward to this year, but what other notable returns should we expect for Steven Moffat’s final Doctor Who season?

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