There's been a lot of chatter recently regarding 'Doctor Who's changes in casting, what with two companions on their way out, and another to be added by Jenna-Louise Coleman, but you know what's missing in all of it?  How about some actual footage from the upcoming seventh season?!

After the footage leaked from WonderCon, the BBC was kind enough to provide a full trailer for the upcoming season of 'Doctor Who', set to debut sometime in late 2012!  Most of the footage present comes from the series' third episode, which features The Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams headed back to the old west (complete with 'Farscape's Ben Browder), squaring off against some kind of unsettling cyborg cowboy.

But that's not all!  If you act now, you'll also see hulking robots, Egyptian queens, snow-filled landscapes, and even a guest appearance by Rory's father ('Harry Potter's Mark Williams)!  With clearly a lot to process from the trailer, don't expect any hints about the ultimate fate of Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill), who will make their exit from the series in the fifth episode, through unknown means.  No sign of those Weeping Angels either, said to be involved.

Check out our first peek at the good Doctor's seventh series, and sonically screw your own theories on Amy and Rory's fate into the comments wall below!  And say, was that a Dalek we spied in the closing moments?  See for yourself!