It’s here, it’s here! The first trailer for Season 9 of BBC’s Doctor Who has finally arrived. We’ll have more about the upcoming ninth season of the long-running series from the show’s Comic-Con 2015 panel shortly, but until then prepare yourselves for Daleks, mercenaries and lots of terrifying antagonists (both familiar and not).

“Every time I think it couldn’t get more extraordinary, it surprises me,” says Peter Capaldi’s 12th incarnation of the Doctor in the first trailer for Season 9, and that might very well speak for the series itself. Season 9 features the return of Michelle Gomez in the delightfully evil role of Missy, aka the Master, and although it was previously speculated that Season 8 would be her last, Jenna Coleman is back as Clara.

In addition, we learned from the panel at Comic-Con that Season 9 will premiere on September 19.

This riveting new trailer promises that Clara and the Doctor will square off against enemies both new and old, including an entire city of Daleks. There are also glimpses of a period setting, and even though the tone of the trailer is ominous and heavily dramatic, there is a brief glimpse of the Doctor hilariously wailing with a guitar on a stage — so it’s not all doom and gloom for Season 9, which will likely be Coleman’s last.

It also looks like Capaldi has grown his hair out a bit, a style that suits his more manic incarnation of the Doctor quite well.

We’ll bring you more updates from the Doctor Who panel at Comic-Con soon.

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