The long-running, endlessly-renewable nature of the show notwithstanding, Doctor Who has gotten a bit long in the tooth under its current incarnation, a companion down and with both Peter Capaldi and showrunner Steven Moffat alluding to their own exits. Now, Moffat confirms his intend to leave the series behind in the near future, himself “actively” involved in finding the right replacement.

Take this with a grain of salt for the moment, as Moffat lists it a priority not to leave Doctor Who without the proper leadership, though the long-running writer and showrunner added a bit of urgency to his exit strategy in an interview with the Radio Times:

[Passing the baton to the right person] is an issue and one I’m actively engaged in but I can’t say much about that. Everything is difficult in Doctor Who, including leaving, and I would never do anything to harm it. I would never leave it in the lurch because it means too much to me. Yes, it’s a problem. Let’s not pretend it’s not a big problem. But there will be a solution. In terms of the emotional difficulty of leaving, it’s hard.

Moreover, Moffat also addressed if he’d consider odd writing duties after leaving, given that past showrunner Russell T. Davies infamously refused:

I’ve no idea until I’m there. I mean, I can understand Russell. I’m gobsmacked by how much Doctor Who I’ve written – an insane amount.

We’ve likely at least until Season 10 for Moffat to find his replacement (as well as a new companion, and potentially a new Doctor), but are big changes on the horizon? What might another showrunner bring to the longrunning sci-fi staple?

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