Don Hertzfeldt, known for his stick people in his sweet, heartbreaking short films like It’s Such a Beautiful Day, World of Tomorrow, and also, uh, “My Anus Is Bleeding,” has been hard at work on a new project since the aforementioned World of Tomorrow got him an Academy Award nomination, and today he gave us all a clue as to what it could be. It sounds like we might be visiting Emily Prime and her clone once again.

Hertzfeldt tweeted what looks like a mysterious title card that connects his new project to his 2015 short:

Back in July, Hertzfeldt tweeted that his new film is “almost done,” and also shared a photo of the editing process a few weeks later:

World of Tomorrow won over 40 awards during its festival season run, including Sundance’s Grand Jury Prize for Short Film. Hertzfeldt was also nominated for an Oscar for his previous short, Rejected, focuses on a frame narrative in which Hertzfeldt explains he was hired to do commercials for various companies, which turned out to be much too surreal and were rejected. It’s where “My Spoon Is Too Big” comes from. He also animated a Simpsons couch gag.

There’s no telling where Hertzfeldt will drop his new movie, but since his previous premiered at Sundance, maybe we can hope for a fall film festival announcement in the coming days. Meanwhile, if you haven’t seen the original World of Tomorrow, it’s only 16 minutes long and on Netflix, and it will give you a greater appreciation for our universe and your place in it.

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