One of last year's most buzzed-about films, 'Drive,' was based on a book by James Sallis. Sallis has recently written a sequel named 'Driven,' which bares little resemblance to the 2001 Sylvester Stallone film. It picks up seven years later, and the author thinks they're going to make it into a movie.

He tells The Independent that "they love the book," but who "they" are is unknown. It could be the production companies that financed the film, it could be director Nicolas Winding Refn or star Ryan Gosling. But it seems impossible to make the sequel without at least Refn or Gosling - the film was popular because it was stylish and cool, and without one or the other it would be dead in the water. Even the author found it hard to write the sequel without picturing Gosling, and it's not like you could replace him with - say - Alex Pettyfer, as much as Pettyfer might like to.

Of course, this is all the speculation of the author, who may have less Hollywood juice than your average screenwriter, but it sounds like the book has been optioned. How soon we get the film is up in the air, but as the film was both a critical and box office success, that all depends on Refn and Gossling.