This year, EA Sports and the NFL are teaming to give fans the opportunity to help influence player ratings in Madden NFL 25.

Every week during the NFL season, EA typically issues an online roster update featuring additions and improved/adjusted ratings for every player in the league. With this year's iteration, you will have a say in the process. From Monday through Wednesday of a given week, you can hit up the Rankings Hub to give your input on how who you think should see a boost or a downgrade.

While you won't directly affect a given player's ratings, the feedback will be sent to Donny "Ratings Czar" Moore, who will take into the new metrics into account. It's definitely a cool way to keep fans interested in the season progress, and could lead to more influence in the future if it works out. Of course, football fans being who they are, it's a good thing the final decision still comes down to EA's crack Madden dev team.