While most of the news over the past few days has been about the Xbox One, there's still the matter of the industry's biggest convention happening in just a few weeks. We're all eager to see what games are going to arrive at launch for Sony's and Microsoft's new consoles, but E3 will also give us a look at games coming out a little further down the road. Games like those EA is developing under the 'Star Wars' license.

EA released a statement on Wednesday hinting at its plans for the annual gaming get-together. In addition to Battlefield 4 and a new Need for Speed, the publisher is going to have a few new titles to show off. Chief among them, the first looks at potential Star Wars games being developed under the new licensing deal EA struck with Disney.

Some of EA's big announcements will happen before E3 even begins, with its press conference scheduled to happen on June 10th, right after Microsoft's. There will likely be more info coming in the days following once the E3 show officially opens on June 11th. Just how much Star Wars EA is willing to show or talk about remains to be seen, but the license is a huge one for the publisher, and we can only hope Visceral, BioWare, and DICE are up to the task.

What kind of Star Wars games do you hope EA reveals during E3?