The box office stories this summer have mostly been about the industry’s overall decline, but there have been a couple success stories, including Baby Driver, which became a hit on the strength of strong reviews and great word-of-mouth without the benefit of a comic-book brand or toy company behind it. In fact, over the last couple days Baby Driver hit $100 million at the domestic box office, the first movie of writer/director Edgar Wright’s career to cross that significant threshold.

On the basis of its U.S. grosses alone, the film is the biggest Wright’s ever made; his previous worldwide box office record was Hot Fuzz’s $80 million. (Baby Driver has grossed about $67 million internationally so far.) And it’s made significantly more domestically than a lot of its big-name competition, topping Tom Cruise’s The Mummy and the latest sequel in the Alien franchise.

A few years ago, Wright walked away from his bid for the superhero mainstream, Ant-Man, when he didn’t like the film’s creative direction. Instead of making concessions he didn’t agree with, he focused his energies on a personal project he could control. And it all worked out. That’s a happy ending worthy of a Hollywood movie.

No wonder, then, that Wright keeps talking about a potential sequel. In a new interview with Vulture, Wright once again said that a Baby Driver 2 is very much on the table.

I’m not ruling out a sequel idea. It has been spoken about and I have some cool ideas, so we’ll see where that goes. Then I’ll be one of those franchise guys!

Cool ideas, huh? Lemme guess: In the sequel, Baby is played by the Snapchat Hot Dog? No? All right, I’ll keep brainstorming.

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