I probably don’t need to tell you that Baby Driver is a good movie; odds are you’ve seen it in theaters - maybe more than once - and might even own have a copy of the soundtrack downloaded on your phone. And for as good as Baby Driver The Movie might be, Baby Driver The Soundtrack is even better, with a ton of really great songs from artists like Simon & Garfunkel, Blur, and Martha and the Vandellas. Until now, one of the better production stories has been all the hard work Edgar Wright and company put into getting the rights to these songs.

Well, not so fast. As reported by The Wrap (via Vulture) earlier this week, it would seem that the legality of one song used in the film is now up for debate. Rolan Feld, the son of T. Rex guitarist Marc Bolan, filed suit against Sony recently, claiming that his father’s untimely death in 1977 caused the rights for his music to revert to Bolan’s control going forward. As Bolan stated in the filing, “Sony responded with a series of conflicting explanations, claims that other parties were liable for the infringement, and requests for more time to investigate the matter. After several weeks, Sony unceremoniously ceased communication with Plaintiff.” It will now be up to the courts to determine if Bolan does indeed retain the rights to his father’s music.

If Bolan does have a case, then this is a bit of an eyesore for Media Rights Capital, the company that handled the musical clearances for Baby Driver. Back in June, Wright went out of his way to praise the media company in an interview with Variety, noting that they had an “amazing clearance person” and that they had been working for more than two years to secure the rights to each of the various songs. Given the extent to which T. Rex’s “Deborah” is used in the movie - Wright dedicates an entire scene to a discussion about the song - this is undoubtedly something that Sony will try to put behind them as soon as possible.

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