Nicolas Cage definitely makes some interesting choices, and it's never easy to tell which of his upcoming projects we should take seriously, but 'The Trust' definitely has potential to give us some of that good Cage action. The actor will co-star with Elijah Wood in the new film from newcomers Ben and Alex Brewer, playing crooked cop buddies who get in over their heads. Wood and Cage is not a pairing we'd ever imagine, but now that we think of it, it's pretty intriguing.

THR reports that Cage and Wood will star in 'The Trust,' which centers on two crooked cops who discover a safe hidden in the police department's evidence locker. When they attempt to steal the safe, the pair find themselves knee-deep in even more corruption than ever before, becoming increasingly paranoid as they fear for their lives. Paranoid cops? Maybe Cage can tap into some of those ‘Bad Lieutenant’ vibes.

Ben and Alex Brewer will direct the film, based on a screenplay from Adam Hirsh. Ben Brewer has previously produced a couple of specials for comedian Lewis Black, while Alex has directed two short films. Hirsch is also relatively unknown, having written and directed a handful of short films over the last several years. The pairing of these newcomers with Cage and Wood is an interesting prospect, and makes for a project where we're not sure what to expect—which is a good thing, particularly in the case of Cage, who's had some radical highs and lows in the quality department over the last few years.

Nic Cage next appears in the films 'The Runner’ and 'Pay the Ghost,’ and Wood can be seen in the upcoming film ‘The Last Witch Hunter’ with Vin Diesel, as well as the horror comedy 'Cooties,' which made the festival rounds last year.