The other day we got a brief (but very effective) new teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which featured John Boyega’s Finn wielding the lightsaber that once belonged to Anakin Skywalker (and later, to Luke). In keeping with the spirit of the marketing for The Force Awakens, one fan has cut a new trailer for The Empire Strikes Back in the style of the second trailer for the latest Star Wars film. The results are more nuanced than you might expect.

Fan trailers and mashups are typically showy and incredibly overt in their designs, but this one, from Dan Flesher (via The Playlist) is a bit more subtle in its approach. Flesher uses the same fadeouts prevalent in the second trailer for The Force Awakens to connect brief glimpses and pieces of scenes together, but fans will be especially thrilled by some of the smaller details — the video uses the original Lucasfilm title card and studio text instead of the more modern versions. It also incorporates the original scene of Darth Vader speaking to a hologram of the Emperor instead of the newer digital version George Lucas inserted in the eventual Blu-ray and DVD releases.

Mostly it’s just impressive how effective this trailer is with some subtle edits — not every fan trailer needs to be a spectacle. Here’s the second trailer for The Force Awakens for comparison:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters on December 18.

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