'Shameless' and 'House of Lies' have fallen to the wayside, and now we have 'The Big C,' 'The Borgias,' and 'Nurse Jackie' to tide us over for the time being, but how else are we going to survive the long wait until 'Dexter' and 'Homeland?'  Why, with fresh episodes of 'Episodes' this summer of course!  So how about a fresh look?

Ever one to poke a bit of fun at his past career as the lovably dumb Joey Tribbiani of 'Friends' fame, the first official poster for 'Episodes' season 2 takes a subtle swipe at the actor's past, who plays a fictionalized (and specifically enlarged) version of himself for the British-adapted TV series.  After all, who needs friends when just about everyone from the series has moved forward with plenty of success in the intervening years?  (We're still waiting on a Gunther spin-off)

'Episodes' returns July 10 with a batch of 9 new episodes (try not to get confused reading this), wherein we'll see Matt attempt to mend the bromance between he and Sean (Stephen Mangan) following the separation with Beverly (Tamsin Greig) while forced into an awkward working relationship with Matt, as ‘Pucks!’ goes to full-blown series and suffers ratings decline.

So check out the full poster in all its acerbic glory below, as Matt seems fine and dandy with his writers struggling to stay afloat, and tell us what you're looking to see when 'Episodes' returns alongside 'Weeds' this summer, July 1 on Showtime!