What's surprising about Fede Alvarez's reboot of 'Evil Dead' is that it's currently got a fresh rating. As both a horror movie and as a remake, that's rare that a film like this isn't torn to pieces. Perhaps that will change after more people get a look at it (it premiered at SXSW, and we gave it a good review), but still. Here's a new clip from the movie.

The premise is that a group of young adults go to a cabin in the woods to help their friend Mia (Jane Levy) kick heroin. There's also the Necronomicon Ex Mortis, aka the book of the dead, which gets read, and that means everyone is pretty much screwed. Or, as Joe Bob Briggs would put it, they're all "Spam in a cabin."

We'll see if that goodwill toward the project holds once more people see it, as horror, as Brian De Palma once put it, is the only genre where you're penalized for doing it well. But here it could be that original director Sam Raimi and star Bruce Campbell obviously were involved and produced this new version, so it's not like -- say -- the remake of 'The Fog.' 'Evil Dead' opens in theaters April 5.