'Ew!' is for sure one of Jimmy Fallon's most entertaining bits. Even with all the game-heavy fair permeating his 'Tonight Show,' one can never really get tired of seeing Fallon and the evening's celebrity guests pulling off some sassy-teenage-girl realness. However, this time around, Fallon took things up a notch by transforming the popular sketch series into a music video with will.i.am.

"It's mir.i.am and you know who, and here's some things I think are Ew!" raps Fallon's Sara. And if you didn't catch that, that's will.i.am as his alter ego mir.i.am, and the two just can't help but gossip about all the ew-ness going on at their school dance party. Except for Questlove behind the turntables. Who could thing anything bad about that guy? This installment definitely ranks up there with Zac Efron and Seth Rogen's episode with that epic selfie.

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