Falling Skies’ season 2 returns for its sixth episode of the year “Homecoming” as Hal and Maggie stumble upon a seemingly liberated Karen, while Weaver fights off a deadly infection and Ben makes a choice over whether or not he can stay with the 2nd Mass.

The last ‘Falling Skies’ episode “Love and Other Acts of Courage” saw Ben and a returning Rick introduce the 2nd Mass. to the Red-Eyed Skitter, looking to unite the groups against the Overlords, while Hal continued his flirtation with Maggie and an attack forced the group to re-locate.  So, how does “Homecoming” keep things moving?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘Falling Skies’ season 2 episode 6, “Homecoming!”

Anne awakens in the 2nd Mass’ fancy new hospital, with Tom there to greet her.  The pair reminisce about the past they miss, before Tom mentions his past wife Rebecca, and ruins the moment.  Anne shugs it off, while Tom performs an impression of Weaver admonishing him for being late, which proves prophetic when Tom arrives to the meeting.  Weaver worries about the group getting too comfortable, before he breaks down in a seizure, some kind of virus gripping his entire body!

Before passing out, Weaver puts Tom in charge, noting that they have to get to Charleston.  Tom criticizes Anne for keeping news of Weaver’s infection to herself, though she claims that he wanted it that way, and Tom realizes the best course of action is to ship him to Charleston as soon as possible.  Anne disagrees, and Tom allows her until midnight to come up with a course of treatment.  Meanwhile, out on patrol and discussing their recent near-coupling, Hal and Maggie stumble upon a grave of dead, harnessed children, among them a naked, but still-living Karen!

Back at the hospital, Tom lays out the need to spirit Weaver to better care, while Jamil brings up that they're near out of fuel, something Weaver knew.  Just then, Matt arrives to tell his father that Hal and Maggie found Karen, though Ben is the only one that insist she cant be trusted and remains tied to the Skitters.  Karen awakes with most of the 2nd Mass looking over her, and explains that she doesn’t remember much beyond Tom’ torture, only that she must have served her purpose to the Skitters.  Ben maintains his suspicion, prompting Tom to leave her under guard, which Hal protests.  Ben insists the she must be manipulating him, and the brothers row over their differences of late.

Later, Weaver’s condition seems to worsen as his infection stems from a parasite unknown to humans.  Tom makes it known the plan to speed him to Charleston, but during an argument of what’s best, Tom accidentally calls Anne Rebecca.  Reluctantly, he agrees to give her more time, while Karen tries to make nice and bond with Ben over their mutual harnessing.  Anne figures out that they can save Weaver with an elaborate contraption pumping out, and heating his blood, and Tom agrees to use the fuel in powering the device.

Later, Anthony and Pope are found by fuel scouts in dire condition, but Anne believes they’ll pull through.  Karen continues bonding with Ben, and when the two get in proximity, both their spikes light up, and they nearly share a kiss before Hal interrupts them.  She passes out when she sees Hal, and Ben runs off confused.  Meanwhile, Weaver’s transfusion begins, as Tom and Anne make up for their fight earlier.

Having talked to Hal and seen the confusion over everything going on, Maggie takes matters into her own hands by confronting Karen at gunpoint, but Karen quickly turns the tables on her by insulting her, and physically knocking her out.  When Ben hears a gunshot, he enters to find Maggie passed out, and Karen, having injured herself to look like the victim.  Ben rushes her to the rooftop claiming they have to leave, but when Hal tries to confront them, Ben knocks him out, and runs off into the woods with Karen.

Weaver finally awakens, begrudgingly having spent the fuel to save himself, but it’s Pope’s recovery that has everyone rattled.  Pope claims that the “Fishheads” are coming for Ben, given his role in a Skitter rebellion, as Karen was present interrogating him, and the crew races to the roof to find Hal passed out, and Ben and Karen escaped into the woods.

Considering there are only four episodes left of 'Falling Skies' season 2, we sure hope the characters make it to CHarleston soon, but for now the show is keeping things interesting with the mystery of all the de-harnessed children.  It's also nice to have Pope back, and we're glad they didn't kill Weaver off, but at least for future episodes, it's certainly time to get moving.

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