Fans of any good TV series may like to see its mythology mysteries unraveled all at once, but are better served learning the information with the characters over time.  That said, it's always cathartic to have a show's bosses out-and-out clear up a bit of confusion.  'Falling Skies' wrapped its second season last night with finale episode "A More Perfect Union," and rather than wait for summer 2013 to clear up a few lingering mysteries, series show-runner Remi Aubuchon has a big revelation for fans.

Speaking it Entertainment Weekly in a 'Falling Skies' season 2 post-op, series show-runner Remi Aubuchon decided not to keep fans guessing when it comes to a bit of the show's alien mythology.  Following a season 1 episode where Anne and Lourdes discovered an alien harness inside a Skitter body, the same seen controlling human teenagers, speculation grew that harnessed children would themselves eventually sprout more legs, and come to look like their Skitter oppressors via genetic modification.

Fans of series star Connor Jessup's boyish good looks can rest easy, as Aubuchon reveals that a full transformation was never the intention:

Oh, we should definitely be worried about the harnessed kids. The rule that Steven [Spielberg] insisted on right from the beginning and I embraced and followed is that we don’t learn any more about the aliens or the mythology than our characters learn. We learn them as the characters learn them. I’ll break that rule for five seconds because I know there’s been a lot of speculation about this on boards and stuff. Our take is that, no, that’s what the skitters looked like.

They were six-legged creatures on their planet, and basically they looked like that. What the harness does – it does a lot of things — but one of the side effects of it is that it creates a sort of exoskeleton around the creature itself, and you can see that happening to our human kids. In fact, our nickname for them in the writers room is “crusty kids.”

Aubuchon also teased that 'Falling Skies' season 3 would showcase the full effect of the harness on humans, an image that was briefly glimpsed on season 2 episode "Death March," from a young boy clinging to the side of a bus, much more feral than any other harnessed children we'd seen prior.  Season 3 will also address the alien in the room, more specifically what the 2nd Mass. will make of the new alien species that descended from the sky with a smile in season 2 finale "A More Perfect Union."

You can check out what else Aubuchon had to say in the link above, but in the meantime, what do you think?  Are you happy to have a bit of the Skitter mystery clarified?  Did you enjoy the second season?  Tell us what you think will happen in 'Falling Skies' season 3 in the comments below!