Doctor, Doctor, give us the news! 'Falling Skies' has a bad case of loving you! Terrible jokes notwithstanding, fans of TNT's sci-fi actioner 'Falling Skies' know that Sunday's finale "A More Perfect Union" certainly ended on a resounding "WTF," but that isn't stopping the Spielberg-produced drama from landing yet another season next summer. Shooting has already begun on 'Falling Skies' season 3, but what famous on-screen doctors will join the fray, and why do they seem so familiar to Noah Wyle?

Per Deadline, we've learned that 'Falling Skies' season 3 has just made a pair of castings that would make medical professionals everywhere proud. Longtime 'House' alum Robert Sean Leonard will join the alien invasion drama's third season for a five-episode arc, while Gloria Reuben will join her former 'ER' co-star Noah Wyle on the series for the same amount.

Most recognizable for his eight-year long stint as 'House's' lovably bro-mantic Dr. James Wilson, Robert Sean Leonard will play Dr. Roger Kadar, an obsessive, but gifted scientist who runs the underground city of Charleston’s power grid and lives even deeper below with his pet rats. The children of New Charleston, intrigued by his cool science toys and unusual pets, eventually dub him “The Rat King.”

Returning to TNT after her time on 'Raising the Bar,' Reuben will take the role of Marina Perlata, an aide to her former 'ER' co-star Noah Wyle’s Tom Mason, acting as of the leaders from the human resistance movement against an invading alien force. Might this be referring to the Skitters, or the (seemingly) friendly extraterrestrials that descended from the sky at the end of the second season? Clearly attractive and "a very put together woman," Marina is said to be extremely intelligent with political knowledge, and her experience could prove extremely helpful to Tom.

Fans of the series will remember that Arthur Manchester ('LOST's' Terry O'Quinn) offered Wyle's Tom Mason a leading position in the Charleston government, though he declined with intent to move on from Charleston with the rest of the 2nd Massachusetts. Of course, that was before a new race of aliens descended from the sky, so who knows where the professor's mind goes from there.

It remains unknown if either Leonard or Reuben will appear in five consecutive episodes of the 10-episode season 3, or if their orders will be broken up over the run.

What say you? Are you excited to have Robert Sean Leonard or Gloria Reuben back on TV for 'Falling Skies' season 3? What do you think will happen when the TNT alien invasion epic returns next summer? Sound off in the comments below!

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