We're less than two weeks away from the long-awaited third season premiere of TNT's alien action-drama 'Falling Skies,' picking up another chapter in the ongoing war between humans and Skitters (or Espheni) on Sunday, June 9. We've seen plenty of epic trailers along the way, but nothing quite so unsettling as the latest viral ad! Buckle your stomachs, and check out the latest from 'Falling Skies'!

With 'Falling Skies' set to premiere its third season in a few weeks time, TNT has opted to promote one of the creepier aspects of the coming season, namely the prominence of "eye worms" that lead to the revelation of a mole within the 2nd Massachusetts. The latest viral ad for season 3 of TNT's Spielberg-produced drama takes the form of a contact lens commercial, before going disgustingly, disgustingly awry.

The third season of TNT’s alien drama boasts former ’7th Heaven’ star Stephen Collins, who’s appearing as surviving US President Benjamin Hathaway, former ‘House‘ star Robert Sean Wilson as the previously unseen Charleston power-grid moderator Dr. Roger “The Rat King” Kadar, Doug Jones as the 2nd Mass’s new alien ally Cochise, and Noah Wyle’s former ‘E.R.’ co-star Gloria Reuben as Marina Perlata, member of the resistance and aide to Tom Mason.

You can check out the latest season 3 preview above, and give us your predictions for ‘Falling Skies’ season 3 in the comments! Will you tune in for the two-hour premiere on June 9?