Before we get started, let's just say, on the record, that the official 'Expendables 2' trailer was quite enjoyable and got us excited to see the movie. Seriously, "I now pronounce you man...and knife"?! What else do you need to know?

But one intrepid 'Expendables 2' fan wasn't satisfied yet. So he set out to make the mother of all fan trailers. And he has succeeded, creating a trailer so good, even Arnold Schwarzenegger himself thinks it should be the new official trailer.

The trailer was created by Garrison Dean and edits together footage from the previous trailers into a new clip that riffs on a recent New York Times article that claims America has forgotten to how to make an action movie.  Says the article, "Eventually the shirtless commandos gave way to men in tights. Superheroes flew in and colonized the Cineplex...and from the technical end, computer animation gobbled up everything, chewing it all into weightless pixels. American action films now are merciless spectacles splashed on a green-screen canvas — Shia LaBeouf flying around on wires like Peter Pan in front of spasmodic robots."

Guy's got a point.

So Dean uses 'The Expendables 2' to make a counter-point in a very "America, F--- Yeah!" kinda way all set to the tune of Andrew WK's "Totally Stupid." The trailer features taglines like, "This summer, we'll see what makes America great" and I personally like the use of "domestic violence" (get it?) and the way that Chuck Norris is billed.

Even Arnold Schwarzenegger himself loves it, posting on his Facebook profile, "Best fan video I've ever seen. We should make it the official trailer. Who's with me?"

The trailer isn't R-rated but does feature some on-screen curses so be warned if your boss is watching. But if your boss catches you watching this, he just might give you a high-five, a raise and that corner office that's opening up.

We have some mild suspicions that Lionsgate is secretly behind this video (or at least funded the guys who created it) but that doesn't bother us much. It works and it works really well.