Disney continues to engage other major studio releases in a game of chicken that it will always win. With every new Marvel or Star Wars film scheduled for release, there comes the subsequent announcement that another major film has been pushed back — no one wants to compete with these heavyweights. Thanks to yesterday’s major Star Wars announcement regarding their first standalone film, Rogue One, and the new release date for Episode VIII, Fox has pushed the release date of Fantastic Four 2 back, as expected.

The Projection List first reported the date change, noting that Fantastic Four 2 has moved from its intended June 2, 2017 release date to June 9. The sequel wasn’t originally slated to arrive on the same day as Rogue One, but moving it back a week gives Rian Johnson’s standalone Star Wars film a wide berth.

June 16 also brings the release of Pixar’s Toy Story 4, which will certainly provide some sizable competition at the box office, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Fox moves this date again between now and 2017. It should also be noted that a Fantastic Four sequel isn’t even guaranteed just yet, as it remains to be seen how Josh Trank’s upcoming reboot will fare with fans. We haven’t seen much from the new film, but what we have seen gives off a dark sci-fi vibe — it’s hard to judge much based on that initial trailer and the handful of images released since.

Trank is also reportedly directing the second planned Star Wars standalone film, although recent rumors have indicated that might not be the case anymore.

Fantastic Four arrives on August 7.