We’re just hours away from Fox’s panel at Comic-Con 2015, but we’ve already got some big news about the Fantastic Four reboot. The film was previously scheduled for a 3D release, but recent promotional materials have removed the “Presented in Real D 3D” stamp — and now comes confirmation from Fox that the film will be released solely in 2D.

UK site Final Reel is reporting that director Josh Trank has officially scrapped the planned post-conversion process for Fantastic Four. The director released a statement through 20th Century Fox, explaining that the decision was an artistic one:

I want the viewing experience of ‘Fantastic Four’ to remain as pure as possible for the audience, which means in 2D, just as we shot the movie.

That’s a pleasing statement for those of us who aren’t particularly fond of 3D, and refreshing in an era when every major blockbuster (and every superhero film specifically) is released in 3D.

But Trank’s statement may add fuel to the rumors that have long circulated about the difficulties on set and the additional reshoots required to complete the film on time. Those reshoots could be part of the reason for the decision to abort the post-conversion process, but I’d like to believe that Trank really felt like the 3D was unnecessary — as it often is.

We’ll have more for you on Fantastic Four from tonight’s Fox panel at Comic-Con. Fantastic Four hits theaters on August 7.

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