We've already heard about Disney's Marvel and Warner Bros.' DC lineups coming to Comic-Con 2014 (whether they've been officially confirmed or not), but what about that itty-bitty superhero property over in 20th Century Fox land, 'Fantastic Four'? The cast and crew have been on location in Louisiana filming for a couple months now, but will they be jetting to San Diego to appease the fans?

While it hasn't officially been confirmed, the folks over at Screen Rant report that "the five young leads" of 'Fantastic Four' will show up at Comic-Con 2014. That means, Miles Teller (Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards), Kate Mara (Invisible Woman/Sue Storm), Michael B. Jordan (Human Torch/Johnny Storm), Jamie Bell (The Thing/Ben Grimm) and Toby Kebbell (Doctor Doom) will likely be coming out on the Hall H stage to surprise the audience.

If you recall from last year, 20th Century Fox never announced that the entire cast of 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' would show up for their own panel in Hall H, but arrive they did! So, while it's safe to take this news with a grain of salt, it's likely we could be getting a 'Fantastic Four' panel. The film is scheduled to hit theaters on June 19, 2015, which means the studio only has this year to whip up some hype at the Con before its premiere.

So far, 20th Century Fox announced appearances from 'The Maze Runner,' 'The Book of Life,' 'Let's Be Cops,' 'Kingsman: The Secret Service' and 'Hitman: Agent 47,' the panels for which commence in Hall H on Friday, July 25, from 4:20 p.m. to 6:20 p.m. We'll have our butts seated in Hall H, so stay in touch for any 'Fantastic Four' pop-ups.