There are some events out there that are completely unexplainable. You can try to explain it through science and what have you, but you'll never fully understand it. 'The Possession' brings us into the dark world of the supernatural with a larger than life true story.

In 'The Possession' a father (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his young daughter (Natasha Calis) uncover a mysterious box during a yard sale. Once the little girl brings it home she opens it up and strange things begin to happen. It's eventually revealed that the box in question is The Dibbuk Box where a malevolent spirit resides only to latch onto a human host. From there everything in the girl's life goes completely haywire as her family struggles to keep their daughter's soul away from the dangerous supernatural forces that threaten it.

Sounds like a cool horror movie, right? We totally agree. Another thing about 'The Possession' that tickles our fancy is the fact that it's based off a true story. We made mention before about the strange story, which you can read here, and how it is kind of hard to believe. At the same time Lionsgate takes full advantage of this little fact and slightly freaks us out with a nicely done featurette on this crazy dibbuk box.

Go on, look at the featurette. If you want to be terrified some more than feel free to see 'The Possession' when it arrives in theaters on August 31st.

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