'The Possession' is spooking its way into theaters August 31, and we've got a creepy new motion poster to get you in the mood to have your pants scared right off.

Before we get to experience Sam Raimi's 'Oz the Great and Powerful,' we'll get another horror flick from the old pro that brought us 'Evil Dead' and 'Drag Me to Hell.' Raimi produced the upcoming film 'The Possession,' from director Ole Bornedal.

The film stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Kyra Sedgwick, and Natasha Calis in the story of a young girl who purchases an antique box at a garage sale only to become possessed by the evil spirit that lurks inside. Her father and mother, though divorced, must overcome their differences to save their daughter's life. So really it's an allegory for children about how divorce is okay and your parents still totally love you.

This new motion poster (below) isn't so much terrifying as it is kind of obnoxious (and something about bees), but luckily you can disable the sound. We're more intrigued by this new studio trend of motion posters, which are essentially just promotional GIF images. But you know, everyone has a Tumblr these days, so it's not that surprising.

Enjoy the new motion poster for 'The Possession,' which hits theaters August 31.

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