Sure, 'The Avengers' was a great movie but there was only one female member (Black Widow) of the superhero team. There are already rumors that Joss Whedon wants to add Wasp to 'Avengers 2' but what if the entire 'Avengers' team was recast as women? Hey, if they can do an all-girl version of 'The Expendables' why not 'The Avengers?' And what if they cast Alison Brie, Sandra Bullock and Amber Heard? It might go a little something like this...

OK so a female-led version of 'The Avengers' will never happen (at least outside the pages of a comic book), but that didn't stop artist JoshWMC from creating some Photoshop versions of some of your favorite actresses as the Marvel superheroes. There's Sandra Bullock as "Iron Maiden," Alison Brie as "Miss America" and Amber Heard as "Thora."

There's some pretty top-notch Photoshopping going on here (though if we must nitpick, the Sandra Bullock head seems a twinge too big for the body) and even the casting choices are pretty spot on. Wasn't it Ms. Brie who was being rumored for a role in 'Captain America 2?' Just one question: where's our She-Hulk?

Check out the photos below and you can also check out JoshWMC's blog for a similar look as women starring as DC superheroes.