Ubisoft's Xbox One exclusive Fighter Within will be the console's first Kinect-based fighting game. Check out the first full trailer for a glimpse of motion combat.

This is the first real look we've gotten at Fighter Within's gameplay, though we still don't have any idea of how it will control just yet. That said, the combat looks pretty brutal, and we do like the design of the fighters on the roster.

A lot of Fighter Within's success will be determined by how competent the Kinect controls are, especially when two people are playing at once. We haven't seen too many Kinect fighting games in the past, though the few that were released didn't really stand out as strong entries. Hopefully the new, more intricate Kinect will make re-enacting fights in your living room not only more plausible, but actually fun.

Fighter Within will be out on the Xbox One on Nov. 22.