The upcoming Final Fantasy 15, formerly known as Final Fantasy Versus 13, is still a big mystery. Thankfully, Final Fantasy 15 director Tetsuya Nomura has revealed some of the plans for the game's future.

An article on Siliconera has posted some of Nomura's translated remarks regarding the game from For starters, the game's story and battle system, which are wildly different from previous games in the series, have always been core concepts, even back when the project was named Final Fantasy Versus 13.

Final Fantasy 15, like Final Fantasy 13, will feature follow-ups and sequels that expand an overall epic narrative. There were no concrete details given about these sequels, but has been confirmed that they will continue the story.

Nomura said, "In the trailer, there was a line that read “A World of the Versus Epic,” which suggests that it will be part of an epic. While Final Fantasy XV will have one climax, as a story, we plan to continue it further.”

Continuing the series would mean that development times would be much shorter, so hopefully that will make subsequent releases debut much faster.

These titles could even contain online features that would help extend the game's longevity and replay value, though what these features could be remains to be seen.

Nomura also touched on the mobile market and handheld consoles for a bit, saying that they plan on releasing content for smartphones, tablets, and the PlayStation Vita. We wonder if this could mean that games in the Final Fantasy 15 could support cross-platform play with PlayStation 4 and the Vita.

Nomura also ended with a message for fans that said, "“I deeply apologize for having you wait for so long. I hope that our latest announcement has been able to meet all of your expectations. From this point on, the quality will only be getting better. We plan on revealing more information at future large events such as the Tokyo Game Show, so keep a close eye on the upcoming evolution of Final Fantasy XV. There are many of you who feel that Japanese developers have fallen behind those from the West in the current generation. I believe that this title will show you otherwise for the next generation.”

What do you think about the future of the Final Fantasy series? Are you excited for it or were you hoping for something different? Let us know in the comments!