Disney and Pixar had a whole lot to reveal at last night’s D23 animation panel, including new details from Finding Dory, the upcoming, long-awaited sequel to Finding Nemo. In addition to sharing more plot details about the sequel, the presentation also offered a couple of photos, and announced Ed O’Neill’s casting as a new character — an octopus named Hank.

Finding Nemo director Andrew Stanton is returning to helm the sequel alongside Pixar vet Angus MacLane (the Toy Story of Terror special). As the title suggests, Finding Dory centers on Ellen DeGeneres’ Dory, who now lives happily with Marlin (Albert Brooks) and Nemo until an event triggers a repressed memory in the brain of our favorite forgetful fish. Her memory is tied to Monterey, California, where Marlin believes she’s being drawn back home to spawn. Dory also recalls her parents for the first time in years, and while Marlin is dubious about the adventure, he and Nemo team up to help Dory get back to her home and reunite with her parents.

The plot takes the characters to a Marine Life Institute, where we meet some new faces: Ed O’Neill voices Hank the octopus, along with his Modern Family co-star Ty Burrell as Bailey the beluga whale. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Kaitlin Olson plays Destiny, a whale shark who is confused by her dual classification.


As previously revealed, Eugene Levy and Diane Keaton will voice Dory’s parents, with Willem Dafoe reprising his role as Gill from the first film. We’re also getting a bit of a reunion from HBO’s The Wire, with Dominic West and Idris Elba voicing supporting characters.

Finding Dory is set to hit theaters on June 17, 2016.

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