This past summer's Finding Dory made a big splash at cineplexes (pardon me while I self-immolate), enchanting kid- and adult-aged viewers alike while running up the year's highest domestic gross. On the unfortunate side, however, the de rigueur short runtime of children's programming meant that some bits of the film had to be left on the cutting room floor like so many discarded fish eyeballs. Today, one lost sequence from Pixar's latest smash has been recovered and brought to the viewing public's attention.

In a clip from Entertainment WeeklyFinding Dory director Andrew Stanton explains that he had originally mapped out a subplot in which Marlin and Nemo, on their meandering odyssey to reunite with their wayward amnesiac pal, run into the Tank Gang from the original film. Tough-guy Gill (Willem Dafoe), pufferfish Bloat (Brad Garrett), starfish Peach (Allison Janney) and the other residents of Finding Nemo's dentist's-office aquarium have formed a crack team of skilled secret agent types. (And who didn't miss fastidious shrimp Jacques?) They help Marlin figure out where Dory has ended up and send him in her general direction before returning to their lives of danger and derring-do.

The deleted scene will be available as an extra with digital versions of the film, accessed via iTunes, Amazon, Comcast, and the like. The digital release is slated for October 25, with a Blu-ray/DVD scheduled shortly thereafter on November 15. Parents, cherish these last days before your children strong-arm you into getting a house copy of Finding Dory, and your days devolve into an endless loop of oceanic adventures. The helpful voice of Sigourney Weaver shall haunt your dreams.

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