Until 'Toy Story 3,' 'Finding Nemo' was Pixar's most successful film, and it could be again when it hits theaters in a 3-D version this September. There's a little more than $75 Million that separates their grosses, and reissues have been known to do well. We're guessing it's going to retake the throne. Check out the trailer for the upcoming re-release.

It's the same movie, just now in three dimensions. 'Nemo' is the story of a single dad named Marlin (voiced by Albert Brooks) who goes halfway around the world to rescue his son with the help of his daft friend Dory (Ellen DeGeneres). This release will be followed by the film's Blu-ray debut, though that currently has no listed street date (but has been marketed on previous Pixar Blu-rays).

This is likely because 'The Lion King' was such a surprise success in its 3-D reissue that they unintentionally hurt the theatrical grosses by releasing the Blu-ray during its theatrical run. Disney thought they were going to make a quick buck, but 'King' ended up doing $94 Million. Where earlier this year they put out 'Beauty and the Beast' in 3-D after its Blu-ray came out and that did $47 Million - half as much. This time they're not taking the chance that this could be another reissue hit. Here's the trailer: